Please Use the form below for ANY enquiries not just hosting! Thank you. Unfortunately you can’t as this blog is WordPress hosted with no plugins. So just email catchy huh?


SEE: SECONDLIFEHOSTING.COM (for info) AND where its all going to happen. Both have the same front at the moment. This will change.

Domains can be registered for as little as $15 a year. for a dot com, org or net. (non refundable always yours) We do not register country specific domains only global top level domains (gTLD). Our hosting including support and training costs $9 a month. ( 3 months in advance 30 day money back guarantee) You may find cheaper, you will not find better.

You get unlimited email addresses including a forwarding service so that mail sent to your new address will be copied to your old address automatically. You get webmail so you can check your mail online. It is of course ad free. You can have sub domains, . we back up every 24 hours. We will get you started.

Our best way of communicating is via Skype.

We can share screens. On skype I am dude.starship I will be happy to chat with you. PLEASE DO NOT JUST REQUEST CONTACT DETAILS, i get a lot of those.

We will design your site for you.

There is a charge depending on what you want. There should be no reason for this to  cost more than $30 maybe less.What we suggest is that you have a static front page,  linked to a sub domain where you have a blog. Blogs are very sophisticated these days as you can see from this one. There are tens of thousands of wordpress templates available. Usually at no charge. We will help you choose based on your ideas. We will then show you how to use it. It is YOUR site and should reflect you.

hummingbirdWe can take photos for you if you are in Second Life and make videos and design a site to fit your profile. How about a wedding ? With the video AND pictures on YOUR SITE! If you want you can say : “Hey Philip /Dude! You do it I can’t be bothered. You be my web manager!”
No Problem.

Of course this is :> Ideal for A Club or Shop.

To get the ball rolling please fill out the contact form below. There is a lot of free stuff out there. Trouble is its free.

(sshh don’t tell anyone but the internet isn’t going away.)

Heres what we were saying in 2001:

For more information please fill out the form below:


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