dope2You can read the paper I found after I did the end. I was going to try to do my PhD   on cyberculture at Trinity College Dublin. Just about got funding, failed,  then tried to get a bursary. No luck . Then I got sick. (Was already sick but didn’t know it). Anyway the professor I was trying to woo was a paraconsistency dude. So I read the paper below. They reefer (oops typo) to Buddhist dialectic which I sorta knew stuff about. IMHO they got the wrong texts and made a mistake in translation. I think I have a handle  on it. I’ll attempt to put it into ordinary speak as I don’t understand the math  but I understand the philosophy.

Aristotelian Logic:

  • My view is this. In computer programming there are statements “If this do this, if not-this, do this.”
  • There are AND statements “If this and not-this do this”
  • It seems to me that what traditional logic cannot deal with is logical inconsistencies where two contradictory arguments can exist in the same space, I believe in the existence of  “A” AND “not A”
  • This can degenerate into cognitive dissonance or mind fuck but often it does not. Humans do it quite happily in many cases. The Zen koan “If God is everywhere, where are you?”
  • Of course God is an absolute concept so logic will not apply. So the statement is a bit meaningless.  However it shows  how rational thinking is limited and let’s be honest being rational don’t always cut the mustard. [ ⊨ Women] ……⊨ means “entails” ….grins ㋡
  • Get my drift?

Paraconsistent Logic

  • If you have two contradictory statements in one argument and want to prove stuff you will explode. One criticism of Freud is that it is all inclusive. Like God.  Everything can be subsumed under ID, Ego & Superego. If you think this is wrong, sorry its your ego talking etc. Paraconsistency allows you to think outside the box.
  • Schrodinger’s cat. Cat in a box is neither dead or alive but will exist in either / both until I open the box. Bit of a mind fuck. However what is being said is the cat exists in both states at the same time. Paraconsistency would say “OK. Cool. I can live with that” and go on to prove stuff.
  • Second Life is a virtual world, cybercommunity, where you interact via an avatar., and there is often an argument if it is real . I have argued elsewhere that it is real [] . I am my avatar or I am a human operating an avatar. I see the question as being moot as it is an “or” statement as the answer is “both” .
  • I see Paraconsistency as being a tool where we can take supposing opposites as being valid and true without falling into an absurdity that is all encompassing. I don’t understand the math [⊨mathematician] but I think I have it sussed.

Buddhist Dialectic

  • Shit have I lost you? No? OK.
  • The most important book in the world is the Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, the Prajna Paramiter Sutra. Its in the library but the short version. The Aṣṭasāhasrikā Prajñāpāramitā  does it in 8.000 lines. It is a  mind fuck. Tibetan monks read commentaries on it for years, before they are allowed to read it. Then they spend years studying it. It sorta turned up on my doorstep  when I was living in Elysium, McLeod Ganj, I read it in a week. Does your head in. Dialectic. Through a system of argument you are taken, each time to a logical conclusion. You light up with awareness. “I understand yippee!” Then it kicks you in the teeth and says “No you don’t what about this?”
  • I used to watch the monks sitting in a circle one would stand up and start an argument. There would be challenges and ripostes. This would go on for sometime. It would end when the arguer was able to make a statement that couldn’t be challenged. he would then slap his hand at the audience and say “Gotcha motherfuckers!” only in Tibetan. Buddhist Dialectic.
  • You will see the term anatta is very interesting. In Japanese it means you or other. In Pali it means not self. I’m not sure it is used correctly in Paraconsistency. This is a bit of a gut feeling. Sorry. There is a meditation where you use  process of negation  It is a “not this” process. So sorry I haven’t meditated for a good while. Having done it intensively for many years I sorta decided I wasn’t very good at it so I stopped.
  • Sunyata, emptiness, the void, is the true nature of the mind. Once you realise that …… well before enlightenment chopping wood and carrying water, after enlightenment chopping wood and carrying water.

Tea? I’ll get some wood for the fire. Could you fill the kettle?




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