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internetmap21st Century Networks was established on December 18th 2012. It has snowballed into a network of over 20 domains. The reason is that I realised 21st Century Networks had come of age. I realised that everyone should have their own domain on the Internet. An Internet Address. I have had one since 1998. 143,187,399 domains are registered  there are 7,017,846,922   Internet connections in the world  as of 2012. So 6.874,659,523 people don’t have an Internet address. Yes yes yes I know the figures are skewed I mean I own 20……lol. It seems there is a market out there. Therefore this network has been set up to facilitate YOU getting an Internet address with a proper email address. For $10 or €15 a year you can have one. Just as you pay rent or a mortgage hostslikeme charge $27 or €20 a month to host your site. Better get a move on a?

Animated-radio-waves-tower-signalUPDATE: Just got a new client a radio station, CBSFMInternational
Listen Here  WE RECOMMEND WINAMPWinamp for playing streaming music get the free player here

Only 6,874,659,522 people to go……

21st Century Networks.com

A global domain providing a platform for my personal network and potentially a global Internet resource. There is a blogjust started. There is a better blog here

Update:> two new domains have been added

Irish Secure Internet Services.com

A company established in 2001with a web at Irish Secure.com is the registrar and hosting domain, the web site is designed for the profile of second life. And has a  blog about second life. It was started in Nov 2012


Hosting Information


  • UseMe.biz provides a summary of skills and services I can offer. [I could do with partners or volunteers]
  • Help.Irishsecure.com has video tutorials on how to use cPanel [web control panel]
  • Outrospective.net I put this in help as it is about how we should change our perception from being introspective to outrospective. I ask for help on the site.

Second Life

Second Life is an online community where you interact with others with an avatar. It is detailed in my article on cybercultures on hubpages opposite. The blog is above on Irish Secure. I have come to know and respect the blues  community. I have three sites:


Books & Art

Facebook Logo F 14


  1. Facebook.com/pjfbncyl 

  2. Facebook.com/2ndLifeHosting



@pjfbncyl 4,683 TweetsFollowing 1931!,401 Followers




 21st Centurury Networks 2012 ® Business Name ©Irish Secure Internet Services® Business Name 2002®Micons 2010admin@irishsecure.com

Looking for helpers / volunteers/ partners .Training given
Self interest, while understandable, should not be prime motivator.

email addresses / sub domains available on request

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subject to conditions.


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