This Project

Why this project of getting everyone a web address?

  • The Internet is here to stay
  • The Internet is changing the way we operate some say even the way we think
  • We have unparalleled access to knowledge
  • We are all part of a network and have the means of communicating that.
  • All of us are spending a great deal of time on the Internet. In my view, as in any place I live, I want an address
  • A mailing address may be sufficient but if I live in a complex environment I want to be found by my friends and colleagues easily
  • When I give someone my address e.g. or I don’t want them to say “Hang on I’ll get a pen”
  • When people visit I don’t want them to see a does not exist sign, I want them to say “hmm, nice place….wow where did you find…..THAT
  • It costs $15 or €10 a year to own a domain.
  • Where you host your domain is up to you. With me you get cPanel [help is here, with tutorials] you also get Me. I charge $27 or €20 a quarter. If you need alot of my time I will expect a donation. You get unlimited everything, an acceptable monthly bandwidth and 500 megabytes to do it in.
  • BEWARE FREE DOMAIN HOSTING. Your domain should be registered to you. Some hosts set severe limits like 3 email addresses for example. Choose wisely, do research.

Worth Watching

  • Any RSAnimate movie
  • Any TED talk
  • This Blog 🙂

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