Drama Libre

libregifdramalibre2aParty with a new set each week. Gotta Love DramaLibre dot com  Link Is Here! Each week they have a different theme. My first time here but not my last.This week was Mad Max. I didn’t know but wore my 45s.  I love moving things as you know. This shows such imagination. My friend Olde told me. A truly grand fella. I love secondlife. It has rocked my world. This cybercommunity. There will be loads more about second life. I have only just begun!!!!! Remember scale. Dude is 7ft 6 ins 228cms. Very real. We partyed to a live dj who played requests. Great music AND of course We Dance!!! The videos capture live moments, the sound is mono as I don’t have a stereo mic.

About the images here they are just gifs (256 colours) the real thing is so much better AND the video does not capture at a high enough frame rate so its not as smooth AS THE REAL THING! Try full screen. They only way to really experience this is to join second life. Its free. Make a cool avatar which might cost you a couple of bucks with clothes and things. I have an income in sl I work as a host in Junkyard  Blues club (Junkyardblues dot com) And I am event manager for a new blues club called Sideroads, web site on its way.. Great place for blues and bikers.  This  pays for my clothes (which I love and my Island at the end of the Drama Libre ones after The Scale of The Universe which is awesome. If you want the embed code leave a comment) So the ONLY WAY TO EXPERIENCE THIS IS TO SIGN UP> !!!! AND JOIN US!! 2 last points:>1. I’m pretty good at doing stuff so UseMe.biz shows my areas of expertise. 2. i can do parties weddings events i’m pretty good at pictures (see gallery) too but love movement. it took me 3 days to build this site. this page and the videos took about 4 hours in total . I either could teach you (preferred ) or do it for you. Teaching is free, you can make a donation . Luvsya Drama Libre!




between You and Me I was given a hint that next weeks party id underwater. Here is my attempt to scuba dive, It was my second time and I don’t understand the bouency controls and I took off the diving computer hud so i didn’t know how mush air i had. You have to surface to refill the tanks. So I am really a novice. Te scuba gear was designed by real life divers. I have never dived in real life. So apologies for this video I will do better. So don’t feel you have to watch it.  Thank you Natsumi san for the gear, which cost about $2 / €o.75 cents. Its all mesh of course.

[editors note: This whole site and the components are FREE. The only thing that costs is the registration of the domain name and hosting. Prices quoted are cost prices. I make no profit. I do this because I believe that everyone should have a 21stCentury Network because if the cognoscenti do nothing their children will experience the same kind of disgusting inequality that is currently destroying our world. There are embed codes for sharing these videos . The front screens are my way of advertising  FREE STUFF and my FREE HELP. . If you don’t want to join in, trying to make the world a better place, do not use them. If you think my prices of €1.75 cents a week is profiteering, shame on you. If you think trying to educate people is wrong then I weep for you.  If you don’t care, then fuck off and never visit this site again.

Philip Dude Starship Bryan]



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