How we can do it. Well:>If you are on Skype we can do stuff. I am dude.starship surprised? Do not just request contact details say who you are . In fact thinking about it if you don’t have Skype get it as we can use it for help. And stuff. Consider your domain name carefully. You should have it for life for $16 / €10 a year. This is your Internet address, your home on the Internet. My Global site that runs everything isIrishSecure dot com

. Why didn’t i write well I want you to remember it. When we read something we sub vocalise we say it in  our heads get me? Secondly the most trustworthy and effective way of telling things is by word of mouth. So:>  “Yes its great I did it all through IrishSecure dot com just go to PersonalDomains dot net

. Oh next time you are on have a look atDudeStarship dot com

too its super” See? btw notice i write names with capitals imacoolchick dot com becomes Im A Cool Chick dot com, aintnothingbuttheblues dot com becomes Aint Nothing But The Blues dot com . Everybody knows you don’t have spaces Everybody know you don’t have capitals but the most important thing >>> .OK THE BIGGY:> EVERYTHING ON THIS SITE IS F R E E YOU COULD HAVE THIS SITE FOR NOTHING<> YOU CAN CHOSE FROM THOUSANDS OF THEMES as you can see: my taste aint half bad. WORDPRESS IS AWESOME THOUSANDS CONTRIBUTE TO IT >> F R E E .


I own 20 domains all for a different features I want to explore or use.

  • For second life people look at 2ndLife dot biz others look at (NowHostYourSite) They are both the same but have a different attitude.
  • You will get an invoice when its done with a PayPal button to my account
  • The Domain is registered in YOUR name not mine its yours. If I die there is no problem.  (Like Mick Jagger, Ozzy Osbourne and Jimmy Page I am verging on immortal. Hopefully in the next twenty years I will be able to transfer my consciousness into Dude…….winks)
  • You can keep your ownership of the domain secret but it costs an extra $10 / €7 ayear. Only you and I will know. Two points :>
  • I have signed the British Official Secrets Act binding when I was a UK Probation Officer
  • I have been a therapist and client confidentiality is part of my training.
  • I registered this domain on Friday 11th January 2013 it is now Sunday so from nothing to this in 3 days not boastin just sayin….hehehe
  • To be honest it has become so easy to do stuff. BECAUSE IT DOES WHAT IT SAYS ON THE BOX . If  you can read you can do this too! In a week or less

So if you want to make a start fill out the form:>



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